Some Dynamic Ways to Contact Your Guardian Angel

A wonderful angel story appeared in the news recently. It turns out to be an amazing numbers’ story as well.

Chelsea Banton, a girl who was born five weeks prematurely was given 36 hours to live. Many illnesses, years and hospital stays later Chelsea was admitted in September as a 14 year-old for what seemed like a bad cold. Then one complication after another took its toll on Chelsea’s fragile body.

Her family made a decision to take her off the breathing machine and did so on November 1.

Chelsea lingered for a few days and doctors placed an oxygen mask on her. Before removing that mask family and friends gathered one last time on the afternoon of November 5.

As they prayed about their decision to let her go, a nurse called Chelsea’s mother Colleen over. She pointed to the TV monitor screen showing the entrance into the pediatric intensive care unit. Something very unusual had appeared.

A miraculous apparition of an angel of light appeared on the screen.

Colleen describes a feeling of peace enveloping her after witnessing this apparition. Chelsea’s oxygen mask was removed.

Doctors were stunned when suddenly Chelsea’s stats reversed course. They were better than ever. Instead of dying, Chelsea went home on November 17. She turned 15 on Christmas Day.

There’s a beautiful and fascinating numbers’ story being told here as well.

November 5, 2008, the day the family gathered to remove her oxygen mask, was a 17/8 Universal Date. 17 is the number of Immortality and 8 is the number of overcoming obstacles. 8 signifies strength, power, and eternal life. That’s the date the angel appeared. 606 angel number

Then, on November 17 Chelsea went home. So the power and strength of this number was confirmed yet again.

There is one more location the number 17 can be used to help Chelsea.

One reason Chelsea has had her fill of sudden events is the combination of her 25/7 Day of Birth and her current name.

Her name “Chelsea Banton” adds up to 13/4 – a number symbolizing the death of the old and birth of the new, transformation and sudden events. Combined with her day of birth, the 25th, we have a situation indicating she will be tested many times.

I suggest she change the spelling of her name to ‘Chelsee Banton’. That will give her a powerful and fortunate 17/8 name. This spelling would give her the strength she needs to leapfrog any future challenges.

Other people with a 17/8 current name are Barack Obama, Paul Newman, Michelle Obama, Reagan and the words “Life”, “Music” and “Earth.” All leave an immortal legacy.

And yes, the word “Angel” also resonates to 17/8.

Whether you believe in angels or not, the joy and love emanating from this remarkable event warms our hearts.

The same goes for whether you believe your name has an effect on your life or not. There’s no need for you to believe in the power of numbers. They are in effect, whether you know it or not.

So be sure your current name adds up to a fortunate number – that it is helping you fulfill your goals easily and effortlessly, not throwing obstacles your way.


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